Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 3 and 4

Glass and I have been getting to know each other more and more. I am becoming more efficient with the device. I used Glass GPS to navigate to San Antonio. Selected “Get direction to…” I spoke the full address and off I went. I was on my way to a birthday bowling party. Glass got me to San Antonio, safe and sound.  The party was a lot of fun. The next experience was driving back in the dark using Google Glass. The screen was easy to see and did not interrupt my vision as much as I expected it too. I also tested texting while driving. I know we should not text and drive. I normally do not. Using Glass though, made its super easy. When you receive a message you tap or move your head up to your set degree. Glass opens the message for you. Then you can quickly read it or have it read aloud to you. To respond, you tell Glass you want to reply and you verbally send your message. I was able to do all of this without looking away from the road although I changed my focus to the Glass while driving, so the road was more obscure. This is much better than looking away, but it is a distraction. I was able to see vehicles breaking in front of me and had no trouble with using the hands free Google Glass while driving. It was hard to hear Glass in the car when you had music on. Most of my drive I did not play music because I forgot the ear piece.

 Phone calls in the car were hard to hear also without the earpiece while playing music.  I found that without the earpiece and with no music playing I could hear when my sister called me. But later, I spoke with a friend through Glass and he was hard to hear. He was softer spoken than my sister. All of the sound testing was done with Glass always at 100% volume and without the earpiece. 

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