Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday: Reassurance and the Wink Notes

Today was the second day I got to truly test the functionality of Glass. When I arrived at work this morning, I was surprised to see that our phone system was down. Since I work in Schreiner’s Enterprise Technology Services department, this is partially my problem. I worked with the rest of my team to get the phones back online as soon possible. However, because we had all hands on deck trying to get things working again, nobody was in a truly in a position the reassure the rest of the campus that we were working towards a fix. Luckily, I was able to put many minds at ease using Glass. As I worked, I got streams of text messages asking what was going on. Because I was wearing Glass, I was able to reassure everyone who text me that we were working on a fix. All without slowing the repair process down.

One of my wink notes.
Later in the day I had to make some software changes to an entire computer lab in ten minutes. Normally, this would not have been a big issue, but the lab was full of students, so I have to jump randomly from unoccupied computer to unoccupied computer to make the changes. The problem with doing the software changes in this way is that I would normally have a lot of trouble remembering which computers I had completed the changes on and which still needed them. Because I had Glass, I was easily able to keep track of the computers I had completed the changes on by using the wink for picture function. After I finished a computer I would wink at it, and go on to the next on. If a came across a computer that I wasn’t sure had been configured, I would simply flip through the pictures I took to see if it was there. Another day saved by Glass!

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