Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 6

Today I did make a discovery with the help of one of our other testers, Ethan. While he was wearing glass I pulled my phone out to look at Facebook and saw a button called start screencast under the drop down menu on my phone, under ongoing, under connected to Glass. Out of curiosity I pressed the start screen cast button. I struck gold!!!  It was a live feed of what Ethan was actually seeing. Weather he was looking at menus, my messages, or whatever.  I could also interact with Glass via my phone. The commands were the same. I had control of Glass from my phone while Ethan had control from the device.  Of course two people navigating the same device is not efficient. But it allowed us to see what each other was doing. It might be useful to control Glass from your phone on occasion.  When Cody came into the office, Ethan and I showed him the function. As a group, we then tested the recording function. Ethan (still wearing Glass) started a video. He tapped to make Glass record longer than 10 seconds, and then walked out into the library. Cody and I were able to see on my phone what he was seeing and recording. There is also a video call function which I did not test. I am sure though, that anyone you video call would be able to see whatever Glass is seeing when you make the call. 

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