Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wednesday: Friend Filtering

It's midterm week at Schreiner and tensions are high, and time is scarce. Everyone is scattering to figure out what they need to know for the exams. What this means is that while I am trying to cram last minute information into my head at 11 at night, showers of texts are flowing to my phone from my peers who need help or have figured out something useful that they are willing to share. This makes studying near impossible when my phone is buzzing every minute. Of course, I could ignore it, but then I would be missing out if I received a useful text.

A text message in Glass
Google Glass has once again saved the day. How so? Everytime I received a text, Glass would present a picture of the person on the left side of the screen and their text message on the right. When I received a text while studying, all I had to do was focus on Glass' screen for half a second. If the person who sent me a text was in a class I was still preparing for, I would take a moment to read the text to determine if it was useful to me. If the person was in a class that I was prepared for, I would go back to studying and respond later. It's incredible how much this simple feature increased my productivity.

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