Thursday, March 20, 2014

What do you call a game consoles wedding day? WedNESday!

Game time!  I found some Glassware that included a couple of simple games that used various parts of Glass’s hardware.  The games were: Tennis, Shape splitter, Balance, Clay shooter, and Matcher.  You can play Tennis by tilting your head side to side to aim and tapping to hit the ball back.  Shape splitter would toss varying shapes into the air and you used your hands to slash them while avoiding the bombs that would occasionally appear.  Balance would drop a couple blocks on your head and you would attempt to virtually balance them for a time period before a new round with more blocks would begin.  Clay shooter used the verbal commands “pull” and “bang” which while fun, was a bit disruptive to those around me.  Matcher asked you to match pairs of octagonal cards by moving your head and tapping the device to flip a card.  These simple games might help professors or students to relax a little between classes though some games more so than, or potentially louder than, others.

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