Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 2

Working on blog posts.Taken With Glass.
Ah… day two with Google Glass is here. It is about 10 am Saturday. As I am getting up I play with Glass a bit more. I want to see what else it has to offer.  I have not yet explored all its functions. After getting more efficient with navigation, I discover that Glass has a sleep mode.

Sleep mode is wonderful. After a set length of time with no Glass interaction, it turns off the display, just like other devices do. The ways you can wake Glass up though are neat. One is by touch. You tap the side of the device and it brings up the Time (which is the opening screen for the main menu). The second is by raising your head up. I found a function under Settings in Glass that allows you to set up the angle degree at which the glass wakes up.  I currently have it set at 20 degrees.

I played with the “Get directions to…” function of Glass. This start the GPS. You can verbally enter any address, place, or location you wish to go. While I was testing it I choose to get directions to Walmart Kerrville, Texas. The GPS searched and gave me the route. You can say “Okay Glass” and ask for map overlay, or tell it to stop navigation. Both these commands are voice activated. You can also use the touch pad.

I have discovered that if you tap Glass within a few seconds of hearing the tone in your ear that indicates an incoming text, Glass will open the text. From there you can touch, or verbally select, read aloud or reply.
Glass will also field phone calls for you. When it is paired to your phone, anyone that calls your number will activate Glass. Glass will act as your head set. I have not tested the verbal answer yet. I will do that later in my exploration. The touch answer function works wonderfully. I have had a hard time hearing. Google Glass came with an ear piece. I have not used it yet. I will test the sound quality of the ear piece soon. 

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