Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monday: Quirkiness Aside

It’s my turn! I got Glass passed to me last Friday in the middle of Schreiner’s Game Night. Because of my workload over the weekend (Thanks to midterms), I didn’t have much of an opportunity to see what Glass had to offer. However, I did the same basic setup and personal calibration that Matt did; synchronized Glass with my phone, adjusted the screen for my face, set the wake up head tilt option to 12 degrees, and enabled “Wink for picture.”

One of many accidental yawn photos.
Today is the first day I get to truly test Glass as I leave the weekend sanctuary of my bed and interact with the real world. On my drive to Schreiner, I noticed a few quirky things that Glass does. First, because I set the tilt wake to 12 degrees on Glass, and because I have to drive through the hill country, Glass would wake up as I went up a hill and then sleep as I went back down. Although this is not necessarily an issue, I assume that it burned some of Glass’ limited battery. The second thing I noticed is that Glass has trouble distinguishing between when I yawn and when I wink. Because I have Glass configured to take a picture when I wink, as I yawned throughout my drive, I got several pictures of the road in front of me.

However, I forgave all of Glass’ quirkiness today while I was in class. Normally I am a good student and my phone is put away in my pocket throughout all my classes. Today was one of those days. Luckily, Glass didn’t feel the same as I did. During my class today, a friend of mine (Business major) told me to quickly sell some stock he knew I had, and purchase some that he suggested. Glass projected this text before my eyes and the professor was never the wiser. I pulled out my laptop and did as my friend suggested. After class I checked to see what the market price was for the stocks I just traded. Thanks to Glass, I traded at the perfect moment. An opportunity I would have missed out on if I had waited until the end of class to check my phone.

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