Friday, April 4, 2014

Positve Experience

Although I have seen some of the negative sides to Google Glass and was limited in how I could use it, I have had an overall positive experience. As a science major, one of the things I appreciated most about Glass was its ability to aid in studying. While studying for my organic chemistry test, I was able to look up Kahn Academy videos on Glass and take notes/ write on a whiteboard without having to pull out a bulky laptop.

It wasn't all work and no play. Just as Glass could be used for studying it could be used for leisure. For example, I found it useful when playing guitar. I could easily look up a YouTube video or chords to a song without having to look down at a paper or squint at a screen. Not to mention, its portability and hands free capability allowed me to go outside and enjoy the sweet sounds of nature all while learning a new song.

I enjoyed my time spent with glass, and hope to one day see it as something that could be checked out at the library.

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